About Me

20131226-133356.jpgI am an aging ham doing that which makes me happy.

I have been acting and directing theatre since 1992, and in developing my process of character creation and stage direction, I have learnt more about myself and the people I work with then I ever did anywhere else.

Here I share some of my findings, thoughts and concepts. I do not ask you to agree and I do not propose that I know better than anyone else. I do know best for me, and if you find something useful in what I share, then I will be happy with that.

I would like to state one thing and make it perfectly clear. I do not consider myself to be a brilliant actor, just a good one. I do it because it fires of something inside that I thrive off. It’s like a drug addiction, including withdrawals if I abstain for too long.

Now I want to take my craft to a new level and posting articles like this helps me to reflect and process, giving me a fresh perspective on things as I try and explain them to anyone who reads them.

For more about me, please visit my Profile Page. See my Links page for more details.

If you have a topic or question that you would like me to comment on, let me know.

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