My Depression – An Index

Inspired by events and others whom I admire, and after struggling for years with my own demons, I decided to write, mainly for my own healing, a series on my experiences with depression. What started as a simple idea grew. As I began to write, I suddenly found more to say. What was intended to be a short piece grew into two nine part series covering events in my life that dealt specifically with my depression.

While there are far more tales that I can tell, this collection is about my journey from contemplating suicide, to accepting my whole being as a whole.

Series 1 – A Dark Path

  1. Beginnings
  2. Primary Time
  3. Key Note
  4. After the Storm
  5. Out of School
  6. Into Senior Years
  7. Backbone
  8. Life Changes
  9. Turning Point
Series 2 – The Hard Road

  1. Acceptance
  2. Big Plans
  3. Side Track
  4. Strange Games
  5. Picking up the pieces
  6. Someone Saved My Life
  7. Journeys End
  8. Perspectives
  9. Making a Stand

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