The Romantic Role Model

Mansplaining: to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronising. I am not about to, so don’t worry, but I am seeing this term, and the actions of the definition therein far too often. It is the Counter Wife/Women-is-always-right movement I suppose, which is a little […]

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Lonely Voices

Some days I remember What I knew; How it felt; Who I was. Lonely voices tell me It was real; It was truth; It was me. I recall a poem I once wrote; I once felt; I once knew. I sit with others in a crowded room. I talk with others in a crowded room. […]

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Depression Sensitive

I think I have realised something today. An interesting side effect of being someone recovering from depression. It makes you overly sensitive to someone else’s. I know I’ve done it more than once. That is, jump in with unsolicited advice when I get the whiff of a sad emotion, particularly when it rare to see […]

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Mind Ablaze

Mental fires of industry. Smoke and steam leaking from ears. Carbon footprints on the soul. The unsupervised automata of conditioned thought. Toxic. Like 1000 monkeys on typewriters. Random nonsense. Sometimes something sensible. Rarely very useful. Chaos. Clawing back control. Regulating the automata. Firing the Monkeys. Clean away the clutter. Peace. Learning a new approach. The […]

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Following your dreams. We keep telling each other to do this. Don’t give up on your dreams, living the dream life, or other variations of the theme. I’ve come to the realisation that this idea can be just as dangerous as the overly negative “realistic” phrases such as “you’ll never make a living” or “it’s […]

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A Darker Path: Part 7 – Backbone

In the continuing saga, from Part 6. Inspirational Examples Of all the teachers I had through primary and high school, none do I remember more fondly than Mr Beer, and Mr Tozer, my Maths III and II teachers respectively. Mr Beer was simply cool. His approach to teaching complex maths was always with inspirational games […]

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