All in a rush

The universe has interesting ways of teaching you things, and I have learned that there are only two constants in the world; the only thing I have control over are my choices, and I will never stop learning. A lifetime in the making, I am finally looking at living a life that I had once […]

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Attack of the Troll

The Troll. An interesting term for a “past-time” which is as old as social etiquette. It is not particularly nice and in recent times has seen a lot of media exposure. The increase in electronic telecommunications and global social networking has made the work of a Troll far easier, and the effects more extreme. Celebrities […]

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Knowing the Future

Perhaps on of the biggest challenges I have had to face in any production is trying to make my characters spontaneous. I look at some of the performances I have seen and what I find has kept me most interested in a show (more often than not) is a performance which is unpredictable. I have […]

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You know what I really hate?

We have all heard it, and I am sure many of you have even said this once or twice. Heck, I know I have said it myself some years back… *cough*. I have heard it many times within the domain of theatre where rivalries, jealousies, back-stabbing and gossiping can often develop in unhealthy levels. It […]

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Too many chefs

Recently, I observed what, to me, was a rather entertaining situation at a take-away food outlet. After putting in a rather large order for five people, I watched as the staff gradually, or was that rapidly, succumb to stress. The boss, clearly getting more and more anxious, started berating his team which consisted of, I […]

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A Sense of Control

One would think that acting would be incredibly easy. After all, you’re given a script which gives you the words and occasionally some directions. Then you have a director who is there to tell you what to do right down to the way you stand. You memorise your lines, choreograph your movement, repeat on demand, […]

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