A Darker Path: Part 9 – Turning Point

Where we came from... Teaching and moving on In the latter half of my second year of university, I was approached by my course controller to run the tutorial sessions for his first year unit, something I had done previously as a student. It was Paid work, so I said yes. This was the precursor... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 8 – Life Changes

This is becoming a saga.... Something New, Something Old I had mentioned previously that the choice as to what I was going to do after high school was one that was rather made for me. I really didn't know what I wanted to do, and still was having some difficulty defining who I was as... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 7 – Backbone

In the continuing saga, from Part 6. Inspirational Examples Of all the teachers I had through primary and high school, none do I remember more fondly than Mr Beer, and Mr Tozer, my Maths III and II teachers respectively. Mr Beer was simply cool. His approach to teaching complex maths was always with inspirational games... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 6 – Into Senior Years

Things got a little better in Part 5 Now don't go crazy. I haven't skipped a few decades or anything. I am talking about senior high school. Before I get into that, I am continuously amazed by the people I find reading my blog, and want to talk about it with me. I am positively... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 5 – Out of School

So, anyway, continuing on from Part 4... In writing these posts, I have stirred up a swarm of old forgotten emotions and memories. It is rather incredible what the human mind can store, and what it takes to trigger it. There was, of course, a lot more going on in my life than school. Ju-Jitsu,... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 4 – After the Storm

The ever growing continuation of Part 3. I was asked a curious question today, which I will post without edit. I've never really wanted to kill myself, I just didn't think there was any way out of the current situation other to end my life. Is that how you saw it? To escape the environment... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 3 – Key Note

A continuation from Part 2. Well that was rather dark. A bit like the middle episode of a trilogy, the second part gets a little depressing. I am glad to say that my early years weren't all doom and gloom. There were some great memories. I took up the clarinet and took part in some... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 2 – Primary Time

Continued from Part 1 - Beginnings First thing, Wow! Barely a day and the response to my last blog post has been rather overwhelming, and very positive. Thank you all. I have been told I am brave, and this is a nice thing to hear. I don't personally see this as brave. More like having... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 1 – Beginnings

I have mentally debated the pros and cons of blogging about my darkest episode in life, and right now, I am questioning why i had to debate it. Recently, very recently, I have become aware of a number of others within my circle of friends, and friends of friends, who are going through, have gone... Continue Reading →

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