Design for Living

So I can add a few details of the play now. It is Noel Coward’s controversial production titled Design for Living. I play the part of Otto, an artist living the bohemian lifestyle, very much in love with live, and with everyone. When the actions of close friends leave him feeling betrayed, so begins the […]

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Advice to the applicant

I have been monumentally distracted recently. I seem to be doing little bits here and there, and I have to say, keeping track of it all is rather exhausting. I find it hard to keep focussed on one thing at a time, so when I have to research something that could have been provided… One […]

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A new approach

In developing character, I am constantly trying new things, even small things, to help me establish myself as my character. As a director, I get to see how other actors benefit (or not) by these same techniques. Unsurprisingly, I learn a lot about my process when working with other actors in this way. I also […]

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Promotional Plug – Silent City

Promotional Plug – Silent City A local feature film that I play a small role in, is seeking public support in the manner of an Indiegogo Campaign. This is to help pay for the final bits of processing including colour grading, visual and sound effects, and a number of other technical items. We would really […]

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