Lonely Voices

Some days I remember What I knew; How it felt; Who I was. Lonely voices tell me It was real; It was truth; It was me. I recall a poem I once wrote; I once felt; I once knew. I sit with others in a crowded room. I talk with others in a crowded room. […]

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Empty Heart

It is quiet inside. There is a serenity within. The static that once persisted, now is notably absent. It is calm inside. There is a stillness there. The waves that once crashed, now are pleasantly subdued. It is empty inside. There is a space between. The muck that once swilled, now is washed away. An […]

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In the Frame

Delving through the recesses of my mind, I came across a picture frame. The photo within was of a small boy, who had a mop of platinum white hair, and ice-cream on his face. He was clearly enjoying himself. Yet see here, the edges of the frame are thin and frayed, with streaks of grey […]

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Idol Dreams

I dreamed of a celebrity, just the other day. Hounded by the paparazzi, with little to say. The sounds of voices was immense, with silly requests. The people tightly packed, intense. Standing room at best. Yet unfazed he was as he walked, chewing on a sweet, through the crazed and mad hordes that squawked, as […]

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Mind Ablaze

Mental fires of industry. Smoke and steam leaking from ears. Carbon footprints on the soul. The unsupervised automata of conditioned thought. Toxic. Like 1000 monkeys on typewriters. Random nonsense. Sometimes something sensible. Rarely very useful. Chaos. Clawing back control. Regulating the automata. Firing the Monkeys. Clean away the clutter. Peace. Learning a new approach. The […]

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To the Applicant

I sit here waiting for you to show. I guess you really didn’t want the job. Would have been nice to let me know, ’cause now I think you must be a snob. – The Casting Director

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