Abuse in Casting

An interesting question was raised by a fellow director recently. Apparently, he has received rather nasty comments from actors who were not offered a part in a Community Theatre production. I would like to point out that I use Community Theatre in order to differentiate the scenario from paid/professional theatre, not to denigrate the community.... Continue Reading →

Social Media Hypocrisy

I am not a good blogger. I struggle with things to write about, thinking some things trivial, and others a little too hot to handle. I consider my own life to be mildly interesting at best, and I am one who prefers to not publicly complain about too much, while I don't want to appear... Continue Reading →

You know what I really hate?

We have all heard it, and I am sure many of you have even said this once or twice. Heck, I know I have said it myself some years back... *cough*. I have heard it many times within the domain of theatre where rivalries, jealousies, back-stabbing and gossiping can often develop in unhealthy levels. It... Continue Reading →

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