Accepting the Unwanted

Writing this, even thinking this, is not easy. I promised myself to be honest not only with my friends, but with myself, but this has been difficult... to get started. I have discussed this with a few, and once I get started it's like a rocket in space. It keeps going under its own inertia.... Continue Reading →

Lonely Voices

Some days I remember What I knew; How it felt; Who I was. Lonely voices tell me It was real; It was truth; It was me. I recall a poem I once wrote; I once felt; I once knew. I sit with others in a crowded room. I talk with others in a crowded room.... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 3 – Key Note

A continuation from Part 2. Well that was rather dark. A bit like the middle episode of a trilogy, the second part gets a little depressing. I am glad to say that my early years weren't all doom and gloom. There were some great memories. I took up the clarinet and took part in some... Continue Reading →

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