The Romantic Role Model

Mansplaining: to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronising. I am not about to, so don’t worry, but I am seeing this term, and the actions of the definition therein far too often. It is the Counter Wife/Women-is-always-right movement I suppose, which is a little […]

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Clarity of Believing

The comment made on my recent blog about my atheistic nature had me thinking. The argument made was that as an atheist holds firmly to a non-belief, ipso-facto they must believe. I feel this sort of missed the point of my post in that religion was never an issue. It wasn’t presented, addressed, or even […]

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Empty Heart

It is quiet inside. There is a serenity within. The static that once persisted, now is notably absent. It is calm inside. There is a stillness there. The waves that once crashed, now are pleasantly subdued. It is empty inside. There is a space between. The muck that once swilled, now is washed away. An […]

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