Solving Hay Fever

In my earlier series on depression, A Darker Path, I mentioned the difficulties I had with hay fever, and sort of suggested that it contributed to my depression. Well, of all the discussion that my series generated, one was how I managed to get over my affliction, because for those who know me in the flesh, they will know that I rarely, if ever, display any of the symptoms. In fact, some people were rather surprised to learn that I did suffer at all.

hay-fever-sleepAs I mentioned in my series, I eventually found a pharmacy brand cold and flu (C&F) tablet that contained Belladonna, a potentially deadly herb that in the right doses, could suppress sinus pains and sensitivity. I had tried all manner of other remedies;

  • Over the counter Hay Fever treatments;
  • Acupuncture,
  • Herbal Cleansing Treatments,
  • Desensitisation treatments,
  • Nasal Sprays,
  • and often brand new, not-yet-available-for-commerical-release drugs.

They would all either not work at all, or work for a short while before not working at all.

Step one to a solution

Many years later, I would happen to walk into a health food shop, snuffling away during a particularly bad day. I was taking my cold and flu at the time, and even then, and after a double dose, on bad days it was only able to subdue the symptoms a little. The shop assistant walked up to me and asked me a question I was not prepared for.

“What’s your blood type?”

Fortunately, I had recently had my blood tested and knew I was O+, and said so.

NoMilk“You should cut out milk. It’ll help with your hay fever.” Then she showed me a book, Eat Right For Your Blood Type. Later I loaned a copy from the Library, rather than buy a copy from the store…

It had some interesting bits of information, and some of which I researched further. After satisfying myself that there was a general agreement that dairy products may increase the symptoms of hay fever, due to a large proportion of O blood type people having a low tolerance level to Lactose, I did just that.

My hay fever did improve as a result of this, but it did not vanish. I still found that I was dependent on the C&F drugs but their effects were better. I still had my bad days, but they weren’t as bad, and they were less frequent.

My wife was concerned about my apparent dependence on the C&F, and when I let myself think about it, so what I. It is a monitored drug these days, and during the spring months, I often got stern warnings from the pharmacist about how much I was purchasing. I regularly tried different and new alternatives where I could.

Down the herbal route

Many years before, I had come across an interesting cola drink called Bondi Cola, which use Red Korean Ginseng. I had become aware of Ginseng during university as many fellow international students used the root to help with their studies. I actually preferred this to all other cola drinks, but it was so very hard to find, and I don’t think you can even get it now. Sad.

This was got me interested (on and off) in herbal treatments. Not like the herbal cleansing treatments I had to endure in high school, where I was given a pungent blend of herbs designed to “purge my system”. It did purge my system, just not the hay fever.

Eventually, after some years of trying various things, giving up, trying again, giving up again, I looked into herbal teas. This was even more so after I gave up milk as I found I couldn’t drink my usual morning tea without milk, and milk substitutes tasted wrong to me. So a new flavoured tea was something I was keen to find. I tried Ginseng, Camomile, Ginger, and a variety of others, and while they tasted nice, I was never entirely happy with them.

Eventually, my research led me to two herbs; Rose-hip and Liquorice Root. Without going into the particulars of what they do, as I am sure you can Google that stuff, I now drink, every morning, a rose-hip/liquorice root (with hibiscus) infused tea, with a teaspoon of honey for sweetness, and my symptoms are all but gone. I do not suffer from hay fever any more. I have stopped taking the old C&F to treat my hay fever. I don’t need it.

It took a little time, a day or two, to get used to the taste, and these days, I enjoy the benefits of a clear head, non-itchy eyes, and not having had a serious cold, or flu in years. I honestly feel the concoction has improved my immune system.

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