ADR of a Lunatic

adrToday, during my lunch break, I squeezed in a little ADR for a short film I am in. It was the final steps in processing, and the screening is in two weeks time. ADR can be a little bit of a pain. Sometimes it can be fun. Today, it was fun.

ADR: The recording of audio, usually vocals, after filming for either replacement or overlaying.

The worst thing about ADR is trying to match the timing of your vocals to the way you said during filming. This is tricky and I am still a little green with it. This is why I enjoy the more Voice Over aspects of ADR, which was pretty much what today was.

Sadly, I can’t comment too much on what the film was about, other than it was a short clip done for a local Film School, and I got to play yet another slightly unhinged character. Do I hear the word stereotyping rising from the depths? Probably.

Having done a fair bit if editing myself on various projects, it was interesting to see the live editing that was going on while recording my voice, and to get immediate feedback on how the recording sounded. The Digital revolution has certainly changed the video edit work-flow for the better.

It was also very nice to see a few of the people I had worked with back on set.

Well, I look forward to seeing the final edit, and meeting all the crew and cast again at the screening in two weeks time.

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