Stranger Worlds

The world has become strange. Extremism on the rise. People in power with questionable understanding. Powerful countries playing with the lives of their inhabitants. Posturing and intimidation.

A new religion forming around a con man who cares only for himself, flowing into end-of-days paranoia. Calls for conflict driven by biblical belief, where no-one agrees with what that means.

There is a lack of regard for the world we occupy. We have opportunities to advance technologies, and provide a cleaner future for next generations, and those with the most ability to affect change resist.

We are witnessing the retrograding of human society as fear, extreme conservatism, apathy, and we’ve seen this historically before. This time we have tools of mass devastation.

One proposed hypothesis as to why we don’t see much evidence of intelligence beyond our planet is that most advanced civilisations end up going extinct for on reason or another, and one of those being through their own dysfunctional nature where they destroy themselves.

What is happening around the world today feels a little too much like a rush by those that believe, fear, or do not care, to do just that.

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