A Darker Path: Part 5 – Out of School

So, anyway, continuing on from Part 4... In writing these posts, I have stirred up a swarm of old forgotten emotions and memories. It is rather incredible what the human mind can store, and what it takes to trigger it. There was, of course, a lot more going on in my life than school. Ju-Jitsu,... Continue Reading →

Social Media Hypocrisy

I am not a good blogger. I struggle with things to write about, thinking some things trivial, and others a little too hot to handle. I consider my own life to be mildly interesting at best, and I am one who prefers to not publicly complain about too much, while I don't want to appear... Continue Reading →

Sanity Check

I am not sure how to begin. This week has been... Traumatic? No, that's too dramatic. Eye opening! That sounds misleading. Extreme. Probably about the closest I guess. Extreme excitement. Extreme fear. Extreme determination. Extreme self-undermining. I knew things were going to be hard, or at least harder, as I change direction in my career.... Continue Reading →

Attack of the Troll

The Troll. An interesting term for a "past-time" which is as old as social etiquette. It is not particularly nice and in recent times has seen a lot of media exposure. The increase in electronic telecommunications and global social networking has made the work of a Troll far easier, and the effects more extreme. Celebrities... Continue Reading →

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