Appreciating different styles

I have been watching a lot of Japanese and Korean film and TV shows lately, and I find that I am really enjoying their slightly kooky take on story telling, and performance. It has actually stirred some ideas for a story of my own, which I am currently toying with.

Seeing how other cultures approach various genres is rather refreshing. You begin to realise how blinded you have been by seeing the same stock standard principles. It has really challenged me to look at my acting, directing, and story development.

To that end, I am finding myself unusually captivated by this story coalescing in my mind. Taking aspects from some of these shows, main stream western TV, and some of my recent thoughts about religion vs atheism, it has become a real bubbling cauldron of ideas. I just hope that it isn’t me being overly biased, or blinded by my own delusional brilliance.

It probably is…

In the end, appreciating different cultures for what they can offer is something that should not be ignored.

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