Appreciating different styles

I have been watching a lot of Japanese and Korean film and TV shows lately, and I find that I am really enjoying their slightly kooky take on story telling, and performance. It has actually stirred some ideas for a story of my own, which I am currently toying with. Seeing how other cultures approach […]

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Waiting in the Green Room

Either filming or doing a stage show, often it is the small social moments in the green room that, as an actor, you walk away remembering most of all. I can honestly say that I have met so many wonderful people, and learnt an incredible amount from the time spent waiting in the Green Room.

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Stage vs Screen

Frequently, all too frequently, I see discussions around the difference between Film and Theatre, or should I be more accurate in saying Camera and Live Audience. So much emphasis is put on the differences between the two styles, and it scares many actors looking to make the transition from one to the other. Let me […]

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