Treading the risqué boards

auditionI am preping to get back on stage this weekend. Monday night I shall audition for Noël Coward’s Design For Living which is an interesting production. Rather risqué for it’s day, and some might say, even so today, it follows the peculiar life of a three way love affair. The interactions of the three main characters, while utterly deplorable in its day, are still conceptually challenging for modern audiences.

So I find it utterly refreshing that a local theatre company is prepared to put on such a production. This being the same company on that put on another controversial production I was in last year, Closer.

Both of these shows have come at an interesting time in my life where I have been reviewing who I am, and where I want to be. Closer tested my emotional acting to extremes. This play, if I manage to land a role, will test my ideas on relationships and how I perceive them.

I am hopeful, but from past experiences, I have no expectations. I shall update my progress successful or not.

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