Audition Follow up – Finding Range

Well, I am back from the audition, and I feel really good about it. I did the monologue from the play I did last year, with some minor adjustments for contextual reference, and I was able to draw out that deep emotional state I achieved in the show itself. I am convinced that the director and assistant were moved. They showed me what appeared to be genuine appreciation, which is nice.

So I am confident about the audition, but it is not all about me. If I was to be given a role, they have to match me to other possible performers for a good combination, and in this play, there are three key characters whom share a very close relationship. In most cases, it is but two, or an ensemble. The interaction of the three characters are pivotal to the success of the play itself, and it is a hard choice for the director.

So while I may have done a blistering audition, if I can’t be matched with other cast members, I may very well not get a role.

I will find out for certain with the week, as promised by the director.

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