Idle Thoughts Jan 2023

A new year. Another rotation around a backwater cosmic cauldron of a typical galaxy within a cold and expanding universe. There is a lot of significance applied to the commencement of a new year, like it holds some possibility of a reset, or new life path. The reality is it is just another day. The universe is completely ignorant to passage of the many planets around their various stars.

One way to look at it is that every single day is the start of a new cycle. It is no more, or perhaps just as special as any other day.

The tradition of making personal promises at the commencement of each year is a popular practice, even if it is often short-lived in its adherence, and perhaps the main reason for this loss of motivation is intimately connected with the infrequency of its practice. A year is a long time to make a commitment to what are often thoughts of self-improvement. It requires a lot of potential energy and will power to maintain such goals, especially when daily events can confront and challenge us.

A New Year’s Resolution has the same feel as an expectation, and often in hindsight, unrealistic ones. We set ourselves a goal in the hopes that things line up that make our ideals reality. When they don’t it is easier to abandon our goals while we deal with life.

The establishing of resolutions once a year, in this regard, seem to have the same significance as the day itself, no more than any other day or resolution.

So perhaps the solution is to make each resolution as significant as every day, and always start each day with a daily resolution. Forget the Yearly Resolution and set yourself daily goals. Maybe these daily goals lead to a final destination, but that destination is not fixed. It is adaptable and organic based on each step you take.

So my New Year’s Resolution is to not make a New Year’s Resolution, but to resolve to make a new resolution everyday.

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