Accepting the Unwanted

Writing this, even thinking this, is not easy. I promised myself to be honest not only with my friends, but with myself, but this has been difficult... to get started. I have discussed this with a few, and once I get started it's like a rocket in space. It keeps going under its own inertia.... Continue Reading →

Narcissism, Jealousy, and Cruelty

This is a post of concern. Lately my life seems to be about the darker elements of people. Narcissism, jealousy, and cruelty are playing out around me, yet not to me directly. Still I am dealing with it second-hand as friends and family look to me for support, or I find myself offering support to... Continue Reading →

A Darker Path: Part 2 – Primary Time

Continued from Part 1 - Beginnings First thing, Wow! Barely a day and the response to my last blog post has been rather overwhelming, and very positive. Thank you all. I have been told I am brave, and this is a nice thing to hear. I don't personally see this as brave. More like having... Continue Reading →

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