Narcissism, Jealousy, and Cruelty

This is a post of concern. Lately my life seems to be about the darker elements of people. Narcissism, jealousy, and cruelty are playing out around me, yet not to me directly. Still I am dealing with it second-hand as friends and family look to me for support, or I find myself offering support to those being subjected.

Today I reached a threshold. A point where it all seemed too much. Overwhelming. I had to break from it in some measure for the sake of my sanity, yet the feelings of dread are hard to shake.

It seems to me we live in an age where these darker elements are prevalent, even glorified. When leaders can represent the crueller natures of humanity and be considered representative of a nation. Where envy and jealousy seem to be the main form of interaction with each other. Where having your opinion heard and accept carries more weight than hearing and weighing each other’s opinion. Where strength is seen in who speaks loudest, not who has the most compelling argument.

I despair over the barbarism we display toward each other, the reckless lack of regard, when people have a stronger preference for the crushing of others over the nurturing of friendships. It’s enough to make one contemplate to point of living in such a time, a thought I admit that has passed fleetingly through my mind this day.

I fear for the future of my child. This is not a world I want for her.

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