I feel special

Something big happened tonight, but I didn’t know about it at first.

There I was, gearing up for a regular Trivia Night hosting gig at the local pub, which I do every Tuesday. It’s a fun little gig that I try to spice up a little by being a little offensive, and comically rude to the patrons. They seem to enjoy it and keep coming back for more every week, so it’s a winning formula.

There were several new faces in the crowd, six of which made up three teams of two. As is my way, I made sure that I tested their limits by razing on other patrons before trialing them out. One lady played back at me, laughing while giving me finger signs, which was great to see a newby getting into the spirit.

It was another big crowd as they always seem to be these days with the place pretty much packed out, and thus making me work hard to keep everyone supervised and entertained. Such nights usually take it out ofme, and I tend to crash not long after.

After all was done, and we were wrapping up, I make it a point to personally thank as many of the players as possible, showing more of my good-natured side, shaking hands, and expressing hope they enjoyed the evening. It’s a process to wind down the evening, and personally connect with the players, and it can mae the evening a little more significant for each player, as well as myself.

Tonight, the lady giving me fingers, confided in me something special. The night meant something far more significant to her than I thinkanyone has ever confessed to me; in her words, she explained that it was the first time she had been out and able to enjoy herself for a long time, and that she really felt able to let go of her worries and simply be present in the fun.

We all have darkness within, and experience dark periods in our lives, and I have faced my own share of darkness. For me, to know that I was responsible for enabling someone to experience a few hours of joy, and to have them so touchingly thank me for it, it only highlighted to me the profound impact a simple act can do.

I endeavour always to make my trivia nights a little different and odd-ball, with continuous banter, cutting witticisms, and the odd tongue-in-cheek ribbing. This does make me a little different to the typical host, but I now know it can make the night a welcome release for people who need to let of steam, or to escape dark moments.

Tonight I was touched by the emotional honesty, and appreciation of another person going through a rough time, who was, for a while, able to forget their troubles, becauseme.

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