Reflection on Familiar Skies

There are times when the familiar cold hand reaches out to me, accompanied by a darkness in the skies of my mind. Like the disruptive friend who just doesn't seem to get the hint, no matter how blunt you make it, or maybe it is more like the uncomfortable yet obligatory visit of your parents... Continue Reading →

Me and My Accents

I have had a long love of character voices and accents. As a young boy, I discovered comedy radio shows such as The Goon Show where the actors would put on exaggerated voices to great comic effect. I tried to replicate these characters and in a way, they become the closest thing I had to... Continue Reading →

Clarity of Believing

The comment made on my recent blog about my atheistic nature had me thinking. The argument made was that as an atheist holds firmly to a non-belief, ipso-facto they must believe. I feel this sort of missed the point of my post in that religion was never an issue. It wasn't presented, addressed, or even... Continue Reading →

Strange Occurances

This week, the stage play I am in opened for its first three shows. Closer at the Old Mill Theatre in Western Australia. The show itself has been a real test of some of my personal inhibitions, and prudish ideas. It has been a real awakening for me as an actor, and as a person.... Continue Reading →

Born an Atheist

I have been reflecting a lot recently, on a variety of things. One recurring theme through many of my personal blogs is the idea of freedom of belief, yet I haven't really delved into what are my beliefs, or if I have any.┬áIt's a dangerous field it seems, causing rifts and contention almost everywhere one... Continue Reading →

Acting has Taught Me – Another’s Shoes You've heard the saying, don't judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Truth be told, we don't get a lot of opportunity to do that, do we? And even if we did, I don't think we can every truly appreciate what another person is going through, because we can never... Continue Reading →

2016 and looking back

The Year That Was What a year was 2015, with some extremes and changing all round. Most if it has blurred somewhat and has left me just a little confused, and somewhat frustrated with my current circumstances. My day job has become essentially hollow as I find myself desiring new experiences. Combine this with the... Continue Reading →

Shaking the Black

Sometimes, like today, the black manages to get a hand on me. Like a weight, I feel sluggish and heavy. I find myself just listening to my breathing. The rise and fall of my chest. A cloud fogs the back of my mind, making it hard to see. I feel temperatures with more sensitivity than... Continue Reading →

Finding the Silver Lining

It has been a very odd year, and I know it isn't over yet. Many potentially bad things have happened, which have evolved into good things. The Money Wheel At the beginning of the year, I was experiencing the ramifications of rash decision making as I found myself rapidly running out of money, with no... Continue Reading →

Offending behaviour

I am getting old. We all are. That's a part of the natural course of a life. We accumulate knowledge and experiences, and the world leaves its mark in our faces and bodies. For me, the grey hairs started arriving a few years back. I taught myself to dye my own hair. Now I find... Continue Reading →

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