So many things

This weekend has been a rather interesting weekend. First I bump into a friend who tells me they struggle with their Vlog. Please check it out. Something I am very familiar with with regards my blog, having struggled for a long while to find anything interesting in myself to blog about, I can understand the […]

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Depression Sensitive

I think I have realised something today. An interesting side effect of being someone recovering from depression. It makes you overly sensitive to someone else’s. I know I’ve done it more than once. That is, jump in with unsolicited advice when I get the whiff of a sad emotion, particularly when it rare to see […]

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Forgetful Panic

One thing that has plagued me for years is strange little periods of a panic like fear. They can last minutes or for hours. At worst, they have lingered for a few days. It’s like a sense that you have forgotten something really important, and something bad will happen if you don’t figure it out […]

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Dark Day

Today I feel the touch of darkness, like a cold breeze at the back of my neck, and I am actually forcing myself to write this now. I lean forward to cover my face with my hands, as I struggle to find something to feel positive about. I can think of dozens of things that […]

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Expectation is a Dirty Word

I am a gamer. Have been for years. I built my first “console” long before the Vic 20 was released, which involved acids baths (not on me), soldering, and programming in hexadecimal. I think I just lost many of you. No fear, I’m not going to get any more technical then that. What I am […]

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Solving Hay Fever

In my earlier series on depression, A Darker Path, I mentioned the difficulties I had with hay fever, and sort of suggested that it contributed to my depression. Well, of all the discussion that my series generated, one was how I managed to get over my affliction, because for those who know me in the […]

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