So many things

This weekend has been a rather interesting weekend. First I bump into a friend who tells me they struggle with their Vlog. Please check it out. Something I am very familiar with with regards my blog, having struggled for a long while to find anything interesting in myself to blog about, I can understand the […]

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Sanity Check

I am not sure how to begin. This week has been… Traumatic? No, that’s too dramatic. Eye opening! That sounds misleading. Extreme. Probably about the closest I guess. Extreme excitement. Extreme fear. Extreme determination. Extreme self-undermining. I knew things were going to be hard, or at least harder, as I change direction in my career. […]

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The truth about shyness

I was at a presentation just recently, talking with a fellow actor about the change that occurs when you are “on-camera”, or “on-stage”. Something I, and I think most actors, can relate to. There is a strange transformation that takes place the moment you either walk on stage, or the director screams “ACTION!” It is […]

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The capacity of a grudge

I recall a TV show (Forgiving Dr. Mengele) about an elderly Jewish lady (Eva Mozes Kor) who went on a journey through her own childhood and her time in Nazi concentration camps. As a child, she witnessed the horrors of the genocide of her people, and the death of her parents. She returned to the […]

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A Sense of Control

One would think that acting would be incredibly easy. After all, you’re given a script which gives you the words and occasionally some directions. Then you have a director who is there to tell you what to do right down to the way you stand. You memorise your lines, choreograph your movement, repeat on demand, […]

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We are a whole

As an actor, I have made the conscious decision to try any sort of role. Very recently I was asked to help out with a style of show that once I may have simply walked away from. That was then, a time when I found discomfort too confrontational and best avoided. A time when I […]

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Let’s be more Selfish

I think we should all be more selfish. Now that sounds wrong, so let me try and put a little context around it. We should do things because we want to more often than because someone else wants us/expects us to, because it make us feel good about ourselves. Let’s call this positive selfishness, or […]

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