Abuse in Casting

An interesting question was raised by a fellow director recently. Apparently, he has received rather nasty comments from actors who were not offered a part in a Community Theatre production. I would like to point out that I use Community Theatre in order to differentiate the scenario from paid/professional theatre, not to denigrate the community. […]

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Clarity of Believing

The comment made on my recent blog about my atheistic nature had me thinking. The argument made was that as an atheist holds firmly to a non-belief, ipso-facto they must believe. I feel this sort of missed the point of my post in that religion was never an issue. It wasn’t presented, addressed, or even […]

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Strange Occurances

This week, the stage play I am in opened for its first three shows. Closer at the Old Mill Theatre in Western Australia. The show itself has been a real test of some of my personal inhibitions, and prudish ideas. It has been a real awakening for me as an actor, and as a person. […]

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Born an Atheist

I have been reflecting a lot recently, on a variety of things. One recurring theme through many of my personal blogs is the idea of freedom of belief, yet I haven’t really delved into what are my beliefs, or if I have any.┬áIt’s a dangerous field it seems, causing rifts and contention almost everywhere one […]

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2016 and looking back

The Year That Was What a year was 2015, with some extremes and changing all round. Most if it has blurred somewhat and has left me just a little confused, and somewhat frustrated with my current circumstances. My day job has become essentially hollow as I find myself desiring new experiences. Combine this with the […]

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I am not fond of ships.

I try not to winge too much about things. Not a big fan of winging, personally. I am not immune to it however, and do, on occasion, winge. There was once a time where I could handle boating, but these days, are another matter. So I am not overly fond of ships… I digress. The […]

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Finding the Silver Lining

It has been a very odd year, and I know it isn’t over yet. Many potentially bad things have happened, which have evolved into good things. The Money Wheel At the beginning of the year, I was experiencing the ramifications of rash decision making as I found myself rapidly running out of money, with no […]

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Patience is not a Virtue

Patience isn’t a virtue. It is not something special, nor even notably good or bad. Even according to Christian Values, it isn’t a virtue. To quote Wikipedia’s entry: While patience is not one of the traditional biblical three theological virtues nor one of the traditional cardinal virtues, it is part of the fruit of the […]

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Expectations vs Reality

When one’s expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have. Stephen Hawking I have said before that I personally believe Expectations to be a measure of failure, not success. They establish a virtual line-in-the-sand where one side is disappointment, the other enjoyment. Another way to look at it is as rigid, […]

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